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Behold The Lamb Of God Who Comes
To Take Away The Sins Of the World!

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Jesus Our Savior


Testimonies Of Healing 1-28-2018


Feast of Christ The King 11-26-2017

Testimonies - Feast of Christ The King 11-26-2017

The Triumph of The Cross Is Greater Than The Healing 10-29-2017

Testimonies 10-29-2017 to 11-29-2017
Pilgrimage to Italy-Jubilee of Mercy
The Love of Our Heavenly Father - Healing Service with Barbara O'Malley
Lisa - Testimony of Healing - Barbara O'Malley Healing Service - 6-28-2015
Feast Of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Healing Service with Barbara O'Malley
Greater Is He That Is In Me!
Feast Of Our Lady of Lourdes Healing Service
Do Not Be Afraid It is I!
Feast of the Baptism of the Lord
Our God Is a Healing God!
Know That Jesus is Enthroned and LIVES in Our Hearts!
If You Only Knew the Gift That God is Offering You...
Inner Healing from Life's Woundedness
Not Just Healed But Anointed
Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes - Jesus Has Already Won our FREEDOM with his Precious Blood!
Procession of the Banner of Mary Immaculate Queen of the Universe in Lourdes, France - July 2013
Burns Healed Overnight, Leg Pain Healed and Conversion, Husbands Recovery from Critical Fall
Blessings from the Home Enthronemnet of Mary Immaculate Queen and the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Initailly skeptic - Healed of her Heart Condition
Solemn Enthronement of St. George Parish to the Sacred Heart...
Salvation is the Ultimate Healing
Testimony of Lithuanian Couple by Betty: Burdens Lifted and Removed!
Sacred Heart Talk: The Sacred Heart of Jesus Represents HIs INFINITE Mercy!
Lisa Gnade testimony: Miracles Can Happen!
I Go To Prepare A Place For You!
Conversions, Healings, and Blessings!
Even in our Sin He Loved Us Still!
Am I Not God Who Can Give You All You Desire...
Be Open to the Surprises of the Lord with Joy!
Miraculous Back Healing!
The Value of Chistianity is in Resurrection!
Infant Healed of Digestive Problems.
Talk: God Desires to Heal Us!
Terminally ill child:
Patrticia- Protection through prayer
Betty- tear in Retina
Kathy Snow-"Thank you"
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary 9/8/2012
Healings of Breast Cancer and Conversions 9/8/2012
Where Two or More are Gathered in My Name I Myself Will Be There in the Midst of Them...Talk  Given by Barbara O'Malley 8/12/2012

Relief from Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder- Testimony 8/12/2012
 Blockage in the heart healed! Healthy for 30 years- Testimony 6/24/2012
 Multiple generations of the healing touch of Jesus– Testimony given 5/20/2012

 Healed of Allergies, Depression/Panic Attacks and TMJ with Migraines- Testimony given  4/29/2012 

 Did I not tell you that if you only believed you would see the glory of God! (Part 1)

 Did I not tell you that if you only believed you would see the glory of God! (Part 2)

Multiple prayers answered and healings received through the intercession of Jesus and Mary  Immaculate Queen! Testimony Given 4/15/2012

Miracle Baby!– Testimony given 3/25/2012

The Power and Grace of the Home Enthronement to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary  Immaculate Queen

 Barbara O'Malley Healing service 2/26/2012 (part 1)

 Barbara O'Malley Healing service 2/26/2012 (part 2)

 Healing Service with Barbara O'Malley -Our Lady of Lourdes 2/11/2012

 Healing of Depression - Testimony - Barbara O'Malley Healing Service- Testimony 2/26/2012

 Healing of Cocaine Addiction- Testimony 3/13/2012

 A Spiritual Conversion, Healing of Depression and of MS (multiple sclerosis)-Testimony 3/14/2012