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The Little Church in Barna

Oh, how my heart longs for
A place so far away
The little church in Barna
On the shores of Galway Bay

There's an Immaculate Queen
There in waiting
For all hearts and
All souls to come in

Into the love and the glory
Of Her only Son, the King
She's pleading and long and begging
For us to come back to him
In all Her regal beauty
With Her scepter and her crown
The glorious Queen of the Universe
Cared that I was around

I promised I'd carry the message
Of Her Queenship, near and far
So she took my hand to lead me
And lead me where "you" are


Her maternal heart is aching
Cause we don't listen to Her call
The Son of God is waiting
For us to come, one and all

Oh! Come to the feet of the Queen
So She and Her Son will reign
And bring hope and joy and peace and love
For the whole world to gain

If you give Her the honor in which She is due
Overflowing graces will follow you
O Queen of the Universe, triumph & reign
O Mary Immaculate Queen, we praise your name!

If you can't go to the church in Barna
On the shores of Galway Bay
Just open your heart and listen
And you will hear Her say
"I'm your Immaculate Queen and Mother
Come and meet my Son today.

By Barbara O'Malley
July 1971

In 1967 while in Ireland, Barbara and her husband Eamon were commissioned by a priest to bring the devotion to Our Blessed Mother under the Title of Mary Immaculate Queen back to America. Barbara and Eamon with the help of their pastor, initiated the work enabling Mary to become better known loved and prayed to under her title of Mary Immaculate Queen. The central part of the work is the Enthronement -and countless homes, schools, and churches have been enthroned over these many long years. On May 31st, 1974 Monsignor Wagner enthroned Mary Immaculate Queen in St. Pius X church and school in Lombard, Illinois.
In 1981 after having witnessed so many countless blessings, Barbara and Eamon wanted to have everyone share in the gratuitous love of Our Blessed Mother. Consequently a 9-Day Novena was scheduled. During the Novena, Barbara received the charismatic gift of healing. Barbara shares a close relationship with the Mother of God and feels that her gift of healing was granted through Mary's intercession and reflects Mary's maternal love for all her children. The gift of the Holy Spirit has been confirmed by the countless testimonies of those who have been physically, spiritually, or emotionally healed through her Ministry. She has continued to use her gift publicly for more than thirty years. Barbara has traveled extensively and literally has prayed over tens of thousands throughout the United States and Europe. She also had the privilege of meeting with Blessed John Paul II personally on two different occasions.

"Miracles" is the deeply personal story of Barbara's dramatic journey through life. In this book, she recalls her early memories and shares how God later mercifully touched her life.
In this riveting account, she shares her dynamic series of ups and downs and the incredible surprise of her life in receiving a gift from God to heal others as He had healed her.
The book is an invitation to share in God's mercy and healing presence. If you, too, have felt broken, bruised and wounded, addicted, afflicted and rejected. Or if you're searching for God in your life, the Lord has a real surprise for you, too!
Barbara O'Malley
email miq2@msn.com

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