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The Enthronement or consecration is a ceremony which has taken place in homes, churches, schools, and other public places all over the world for more than 50 years. There have been innumerable testimonies as a consequence of this ceremony. Marriages have been restored, relationships have been reconciled, lives have been changed and healings have occurred.
The Enthronement is a dedication in which we lovingly invite Jesus and Mary to share in our life in a deeper and more integral way. Just as one might invite a close relative to share more deeply in one's life and issues thru the means of their presence.
To enthrone the Sacred Heart of Jesus in your home is to welcome Him as Lord of Lords and King of Kings through the anointed image of His Sacred Heart. To enthrone the Sacred Heart is to have within your home a living fountain of love, of life, of grace and of mercy. It is to have a place of refuge and shelter, from the stress, worries and concerns of life. It enables us to become recipients of His miraculous power in our midst. It enables Him to fulfill His mission as Lord and Savior in our life.
By this gesture we place all of our prayers, sacrifices, needs, plans, goals and activities before Him. In return we ask for His protection, blessings and assistance in all our endeavors. The goal of the Enthronement is to make Jesus Christ the center of our daily lives. It is to give Him prominence in our daily events, circumstances, and to honor Him as Lord and Savior. Through this daily encounter, we will experience many blessings.
During the Enthronement ceremony, think of Mary Immaculate Queen as encountering, touching, blessing, each one, young and old… as meeting each need… relieving each heart… reviving old hopes… and creating new dreams. As at the wedding feast of Cana -John2:1-10, think of the joy that she brought to the wedding and know that it is the same joy she offers you as she whispers once again, do whatever He tells you.
We promise to be aware of their living presence in our daily life by reserving a special place in our home, where we will honor them and include them in all our decisions, through our daily morning and evening prayers.    Barbara O'Malley  March, 2012

For more information about the Enthronement ceremony or to schedule one in your home, please contact: 
Betty Sobota at  (815) 485-6007 or  Christine Drouin  at (630) 985-9631



Here is what my enthronement meant to me:  Sharing this special day with the ministry, family and friends, hearing testimonies of conversions and healings, listening to God's word was a wonderful beginning to invite Jesus and Mary Immaculate Queen into our home in a very special way. Jesus and Mary Immaculate Queen seem to be more present in my home than before and the blessings my family has received I believe are because of the enthronement.  My prayer life and praying for others seems to be so much stronger and my faith has also grown stronger.  I have seen miracles in my family, just one of many being my husband of 37 years, who refused to go to church and I mean nothing would make him go, has started going to church every Sunday and actually looks forward to it.  I just know in my heart that special day of inviting Jesus and Mary Immaculate Queen into our home has transformed our family in a wonderful way and I am so blessed I had the opportunity to meet Barbara and the ministry to help us start on a road to getting closer to God.
Thank  you Barbara and the ministry.   You are very special to our family.  We pray God's blessings on you and the ministry. 

Kathy Landenberger


Our Enthronement has taken our relationship with God and Mary Immaculate Queen to a more intimate and personal level. They have become a much bigger part of our everyday life. We find great comfort in feeling their presence surrounding us and knowing that we can go to them with anything at any time. It has given us a sense of peace and has allowed us to experience the favor of God. We feel so blessed to have been fortunate enough to be a part of this ministry. It has changed our lives.

Lisa and Bryan Gnade


Having a home enthronement in my home has been an amazing experience! I cannot describe the sense of peace, love, and harmony that has entered my home since the day we had our enthronement five years ago. We have weathered many storms including a major cancer scare and Mary Immaculate Queen has protected us each and every time.  Having our home enthroned means so much to us, and it really means having the protection of Jesus Christ and Mary Immaculate Queen over our home at all times.  We sleep well at night knowing that we are all safe and taken care of

Danny and Anna Lyons


The enthronement means getting the family together and praying together to Mary and to Jesus.  It is also the time to offer your  petitions and let Jesus and Mary take them completely without reservation. The daily prayer time allow me to reflect on what God has done for me and my family. Bottom line, the enthronement is an alone time with Mary and with Jesus when no one else is there to help you during the difficult times and the good times.   MIQ triumph and Reign!  Sacred Heart of Jesus I place ALL my TRUST in Thee!!

Karen Sulac

Having our Home Enthroned to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary Immaculate Queen in 2005, was a tremendous blessing that our family has received without measure or exaggeration. We now experience peace and reconciliation, joy and harmony, despite the daily struggles and life challenges. The enthronement holds a comfort of protection beyond what any security system could offer, a bond of love with a spirit of appreciation and concern for others that is so beautiful and strong... Praying together is becoming routine and quiet personal moments bring assurance of knowing that all our loved ones are intimately loved, cared for and provided for spiritually, physically and emotionally. Those few precious moments in prayer each morning and evening placing Jesus Christ first and at the center of our lives through the intercession of Mary Immaculate Queen, extends to future generations allowing God's plan to be recognized in our lives and the possibility of all destinies to be fulfilled.

Ellen  Gniadecki


We sincerely appreciated the enthronement of our home as it strengthened us and promoted a warm spiritual peace in our home.  Jesus, Mary, and Joseph became our silent guests.  Thank you, Barbara and may God bless your ministry. 

Philip and Dorothea Collins   Knock County Mayo, Ireland


 I was very happy to have my home enthroned.  I believe that God's blessing and peace are now enshrined in my home. God bless you!                                                   

Julie Guttridge   Knock  County Mayo, Ireland


Barbara, Florrie, Ellen came to our house on Fri September 30 2011.  We had our home enthroned to Mary Immaculate Queen and the Sacred Heart. They also prayed with my daughter who has Ms. We continue to pray every day. We have received many blessings, including my daughter's improved health.  Praise to Mary Immaculate Queen and The Sacred Heart. 

Maureen Kirrane  Knock County Mayo, Ireland.

Our enthronement of the Sacred Heart and Mary Immaculate Queen on March 17, 2000 has transformed our lives in so many ways, restoring our marriage, bringing peace and harmony, increasing our faith and love of our Lord and His Mother, instilling in us a great love for daily mass and the Blessed Sacrament, and filling our home with their loving presence.  We come morning and evening in prayer and thanksgiving, thus we have the loving presence of Mary Immaculate Queen and her Divine Son with us protecting us, guiding us, providing for us, and blessing us. Mary Immaculate Queen is the Mother we didn't know we needed who is attending to our needs, our troubles, our sorrows, our crosses and gives us the strength through these difficult times. Her prayers brought healing and restoration to our marriage that we can't even remember the past difficult times and we have returned to our former love and companionship.  Life couldn't be better for us!
We thank God daily for all that God has done for us through our enthronement. We thank Barbara O'Malley for introducing us to His wonderful mother, Mary Immaculate Queen!

Betty and Wayne Sobota New Lenox, Illinois

My Home Enthronement in Chicago in November of 1995 was unforgettable --an evening of graces, glory and sheer jubilation! 
The words spoken by Barbara O'alley and the personal testimonies of five messengers of Mary Immaculate Queen struck
me to the core.  The enthronement brought me a deep emotional and spiritual healing, utter peace and joy---  something  I had been searching for all of my adult life.
The Holy Spirit descended upon me and the group --with tremendous force and power and I knew for certain I would never be the same again! It was a night of sheer celebration, singing, praising, and dancing in the Spirit, that lasted into the wee hours.
Since that night when Jesus and Mary Immaculate Queen made their home with me, I can say it is Jesus and Mary who each day give  me strength and confidence, who guide me along the right path, enlighten my mind, heart and spirit, and infuse me with their unceasing unconditional and boundless love!!  Merci  Merci  Merci Amen!  

Patricia Redisi


I need to preface my testimony by stating our family was not going to church, but because of a newspaper article in April, 1992 in The Herald about Barbara and her healing ministry, and because of severe neck problems and a realization my children were exhibiting similar complaints, I felt driven to attend one of these services.  Sixteen years later, I am still attending and being blessed over and over and over again!
After hearing repeatedly about these Home Enthronements for about 9 months and all the wonderful testimonies given by people at the services who already had had the ceremony, I knew I needed now to give Jesus and Mary Immaculate Queen the keys to my home. 
So, on the morning of Saturday, January 23, 1993, my family and I went to morning Mass.  When the messengers arrived and the music and prayers began, little did I know how utterly significant this little ceremony was for us in the spiritual realm.  Little did I know that the veil between heaven and earth was being pushed back.  Little did I know that ALL our deceased relatives were exceedingly happy and looking down on us through that space opened up by that pushed-back veil with such joy.  Little did I know that Jesus and Mary were so eager to be invited by our family into our home to reign, guide, and protect us. 
The scriptural reading spoken by the messenger was moving.  As we listened, we anticipated the moment we would hold the picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the statue of Mary Immaculate Queen and escort them to a place of honor in our home.  The momentous time arrived!  It was a pivotal moment in our lives!  Somehow I knew it was crucial for us, not just in our lives, but for all eternity.
I cried a lot during the recitation of prayers for our family and children.  It was so moving to pray for the each of our children, by name, for their education, vocation and careers, that I had to depend on my husband and children to strengthen their voices and finish the prayers without me. 
It is 20 years now that we had this little ceremony in our home.  Looking back on 20 years with Jesus and Mary reigning in our lives is amazing.  A lot has happened to us individually and as a family in that length of time, as twenty years would do to any family. But, we went through it all being covered by Mary's mantle of protection and holding Jesus' hand. 
I can give you a few great examples of how present they have been in our home and family: 
If you would have told me twenty years ago that my husband and I would go before our altar nightly and say the rosary together, I would have wondered what planet you had just come from. That idea was so remote from my thinking, it really would have been absurd.  But, yes, we are, and I am still marveling about that. 
Here's a good one.  My husband was out of town and it was late at night.  I went downstairs, lit a candle and said my nightly rendezvous prayers alone.  I went back upstairs, crawled into bed listening to the news, reading the newspaper, and snacking on something all at the same time….you know, multi-tasking.  All of a sudden I heard a voice say, "Your candle downstairs"!  I heard an urgency in the tone so I quickly jumped out of bed and a little apprehensively went downstairs.  I got to the bottom of the stairs in the dark and saw my candle burning all way across the room.  Wow!  How about THAT for protection??!!
Going back to the prayers we said for our children at our Home Enthronement. As we all know, our children grow up and eventually move on with their lives.  But, guess what??  This guidance and protection from Jesus and Mary Immaculate Queen follows them.  My daughter has a degree in German and Chemistry and decided to put them both to use.  She moved to Germany and worked in a chemistry lab.  She was dating a fellow from college, but, no big surprise, he realized a long distance relationship wasn't going to work. He broke up with her and she called crying and upset.  I couldn't do what any mother would do…cradle and comfort her.  I hung up the phone and went on the walk I enjoyed doing every evening.  This was my prayer time, so as I was walking I prayed for my daughter.  I asked Mary Immaculate Queen to comfort my daughter because here I was 8,000 miles away, but she could be in Germany in a split second.  Thinking then how my daughter could use a tangible touch in her faith walk, I asked Mary Immaculate Queen to ask her Son if He would allow her to enter a dream of my daughter's and just tell her things she needed to know. I kind of chuckled and added, "Tell Jesus he could go, too".  And I finished my walk.
About two weeks later, my daughter called me at work and said, "Remember when I called and was so upset"?  "Well", she said, " I was praying really hard and all of a sudden I felt a warm blanket being placed all around me".  I replied, "See, your prayer was answered", not remembering MY prayer two weeks prior.  Then she said, "But, that's not all. Then I fell asleep and Jesus and Mary were in my dreams ALL NIGHT LONG"!!  Then I remembered my prayer AND my home enthronement and that I asked Jesus and Mary to tell her the things she needed to know.  When I asked her about that, she said basically the message was that everything would be okay.
Now, how's THAT for guidance, protection and comfort??!!??  Believe me when I say that they are with us 24/7/365, that they are at our beck and call and that they are waiting to be invited to do these things for each and every family…all over the world!!!
So I encourage ALL people to have their homes enthroned and to see the difference it makes in everyone's life and then I encourage all to tell others everything that Jesus and Mary have accomplished in their lives because I know ALL will have testimonies to share! God bless you!

Marilyn and Bill Brenner  Delafield, Wisconsin

What the Home Enthronement Has Meant to Me
We had our home enthroned to Mary Immaculate Queen and the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the1980's when my daughter was around 2-1/2 or 3 years old and have done our part to remain faithful to the small obligation of a few minutes of morning and evening prayer all this time. On their part Mary Immaculate Queen and Jesus have done more than was ever expected in providing a place of refuge, Love and peace within our very home. Through all these years, amidst all the troubles and difficulties that no life is without we have always had that place within our very home to go to bring our needs and petitions to.
I truly beilive that my daughter who is now 27 and has a mild disability of cerebral palsy has been personally watched over by Mary Immaculate Queen. She has remained strong in her faith through all the challenges that young people face today and will not hesitate to go before our images of the Sacred Heart and Mary Immaculate Queen when she is troubled to ask them to help her.
I cannot imagine my life without them in my home.

Frank Soluri


Twenty years ago we had the enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary Immaculate Queen in our home.  We shared fervently in the beautiful prayers and ceremony. Little by little changes occurred and we discovered Jesus and Mary became more of an integral part of our daily lives.  As the years past we surrendered our difficulties to them and consequently they became a source of comfort and strength guiding us along the path of our lives.It is a comfort to know that they are always with us.

Kathy Snow


It was a great honor to have the Sacred Heart and Mary Immaculate Queen enthroned in our hotels, the Castle Court and the Plaza. There was a deep sense of peace as we welcomed them into our home. Since then we experience a sense of safety we didn't have before the ceremony. After sharing my experience with a young visiting priest, he became so enthused that he enthroned three family homes with young children. The children's reaction was wonderful. They were involved in all the prayers and rosary.

Anne Corcoran
Castle Court/Plaza Hotel
Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland


Our enthronement ceremony 5 years ago was an amazing experience! Since then we have felt an indescribable peace, love, and harmony. Our family has weathered many storms, a major one being a cancer scare and Mary Immaculate Queen has protected us every occasion. We feel blessed to have the protection of Jesus Christ and Mary Immaculate Queen over our home at all times. We sleep well at night knowing that we are all safe and taken are of.

Anna and Danny Lyons

Over twenty years ago my Mom had the Enthronement in our home. There is no way to calculate all the favors & protection they have given us through the years. We have lived thru life and death experiences with my nephew who was staying with us while severely addicted to cocaine. Despite the grim prospects of any recovery, thru the help of Jesus & Mary, he is now totally free and back to work and back with his wife. It isn’t that there haven’t been times of trials and difficulties but with the grace of the enthronement we always come out on top knowing our help is from the Lord and thru the power of the enthronement.

Maureen & Bridget McGinley