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Jennifer Tissone – Morris, IL – Brain Cancer
I am a mother of four young children and have suffered from migraines for many years. In October of 2011, they became so excruciating that I went to the doctor to see if something else was wrong. It was discovered that I had a very large tumor that had spread over the whole left side of my brain. They diagnosed stage 4 Glioblastoma brain cancer. I was rushed to a hospital and then again by helicopter to another hospital for emergency surgery.
-----The surgeon said that they were able to remove some of the tumor, but it was too dangerous to remove all of it and we would have to rely on chemotherapy and radiation for treatment. They said I would have six months to live. Upon leaving the hospital, I was unable to walk without the aid of a walker and suffered complete loss of my peripheral vision in both eyes, along with a devastating migraine headache. I was under doctors' orders and told I could not drive. My husband and I were bound and determined to lick this cancer, although we didn't know how.
----- A friend told me about Barbara O'Malley's ministry ---- and--- I asked her to have Barbara come pray with me. She came to my house and we said the prayer to Mary Immaculate Queen and Barbara said a short prayer for healing. Immediately after her visit, I began walking on my own and started dancing all around without the aid of the walker! I had completely regained my equilibrium and my balance! I suddenly felt healthy again as I had before my condition and was able to resume all of my normal activities! Within one hour of the visit my vision returned to normal! When I got up the next morning, the migraine headache was gone and has never returned!
--The next vision test confirmed my eyesight to be 100% normal. I was given permission to drive again. The next MRI confirmed THERE WAS NO TUMOR IN MY BRAIN AND THERE WAS NO SIGN OF CANCER ANYWHERE!
--I praise God for this miraculous healing and for the special prayer to Mary Immaculate Queen!----Thank you Barbara and God Bless your ministry!
Christine J. - Chicago, IL. - Aids
In Winter, 1995, I was studying for my Master's Degree at the University of Illinois, Chicago Campus.
I had for a time been experiencing a lot of symptoms of what I first thought was a a very bad flu, but then the symptoms continued and escalated, and I was having difficulty even walking, and having no energy. I decided to have a physical, as my insurance was expiring soon. To my horror, I was diagnosed as being HIV-POSITIVE.
Because of the prognosis, I decided to have faith and turn to a higher power, Jesus, who was my only hope. I called around, and asked if there were any Christian healers in the area, and I was given the name of Barbara O'Malley.
In early March, 1995, I went to my first Healing Service, and felt so peaceful after Barbara prayed with me.
Two days later, I went in for scheduled tests, and the results were that my counts had improved 33%. My doctor thought it was a mistake, and re-tested me, and the results were correct. I began to feel stronger, and joyful in my outlook, and I went to several more Healing Services, and each time I went, different symptoms began to disappear, until in late May, 1995, I was free from all symptoms and tested HIV-NEGATIVE! My doctor has since sent, and re-sent my tests all over the country and the results are the same, and despite his amazement, I was given a clean bill of health, Jesus healed me of HIV! I had the faith he would do it, and He did I want to thank Jesus for loving me and healing me, and I want to thank Barbara O'Malley for sharing her gift of healing.
Carl Vale – Burbank, IL – Gambling Addiction
Carl Vale - Burbank, Illinois --Nobody knew how much my heart ached, but I had a really bad gambling problem. I went to the casino often, thinking I was going to win. Each time I went, I spent more money. The more I spent, the more desperate I was to go back to win what I had lost. I was having trouble in my family trying desperately to hide my problem until I had lost complete control. The worry and fear took over my life completely. My family brought me to a healing service in June of 2004 and I have never gambled since! I love Jesus everyday more and more!!!
Cathy Huettl – Lombard, IL – Diverticulitis
I have suffered from diverticulitis for many years and have been hospitalized on several occasions. Diverticulitis is small bulging pockets of the inner lining of the intestine that become inflamed or infected. Most common foods that bring on the attacks are; popcorn, tomatoes, nuts, strawberries, pickles, and cucumbers.
For years I've attended many of Barbara O'Malley's healing services and on this day, Barbara called out a healing of diverticulitis. Immediately I became warm all over. Barbara has said if you experience heat or tingling, it is a sign of healing. I thought nothing ventured, nothing gained and so I went up to claim the healing. In---- the days to come, in order to confirm my healing, I ate all kinds of peanuts and nuts without any pain.
I Praise God for His Healing Touch!
Christine Drouin - Darien, Illinois - Cancer, Carpal Tunnel, Panic Attacks
I have lived in constant fear and been a chronic worrier all my life. I was also extremely claustrophobic. When my mother died in 1991 my fears only got worse. I stopped going to Mass and was constantly afraid. Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer in two places. Next I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had to endure five weeks of daily radiation treatments to my neck. This involved putting my head in a custom made cage, which was bolted to a table, and my shoulder was strapped down so that I would not move.
On a blustery frigid night in a snowstorm, with hazardous weather warnings, five messengers of Mary Immaculate Queen made their way to our home to enthrone the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary Immaculate Queen. From that time on my fears diminished, my hope escalated and my life has never been the same. I thank God because I was always given the worst prognosis yet always received the most miraculous healings!
Since 1998 I suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome in both my hands. The pain was tremendous, traveling from the palms of my hands all the way up my arms. By evening it was totally unbearable and I would have to wear braces on both hands to sleep. I was not able to hold a phone or use a pen or do the most menial tasks without extreme pain. For ten years I had suffered with this excruciating condition but was too afraid to have surgery. In 2008 I had to leave a Healing Service early. Barbara took my hand to say goodbye and I noticed that her hand was extremely hot. That evening as I prepared to do my nightly routine of putting on the braces, I realized that there was hardly any pain and there was no need for the braces. From that time on I have been pain free and I have never worn those braces again!
In December of 2009 I discovered a hard lump the size of my thumb sticking out of the bone behind my ear. Having had thyroid cancer, I panicked, I called the doctor and made an appointment. Later Barbara
prayed with me on the phone and told me not to worry. Within an hour I felt like I was on fire, the heat was surging through my head. My husband said I was as red as a beet.
By the next morning the lump had decreased by 50% and over the next few days it had completely dissolved! I cancelled the doctor's appointment and give God all the glory and praise!
Elena Williams – Gurnee, IL – Leukemia
In 1992 The Lord healed my father of leukemia through Barbara. I asked Barbara to heal my father and at the end of the service, Barbara told the congregation that the Lord had healed a blood disorder. That night I called my father and he had felt heat through his body.
He went into remission and never came out of remission and is alive today!
Betty Sobota – New Lenox, IL – Osteoporosis
I had a bone density test, and was diagnosed with Osteoporosis.--I had LOST 11% BONE in one year! I was very apprehensive about increased bone-loss. As a nurse I was very aware of the devastating consequences of rapid bone loss. I had bone pain, back pain and could hardly sleep at night because the pain was so bad. Barbara called out a healing of bone and back pain. I felt tingling all over and knew that it was a sign of healing. The next day I had no bone or back pain and finally got a good night's sleep. In January, I had another bone density test and IT WAS NORMAL!!! I know my bone density increased without the aid of any bone building medication but through the healing touch of Jesus Christ on the very special feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, December 12. My daughter Jennifer suffered from post partum depression, after the birth of her 3rd child and tremendous grief after the loss of her 4th child. It was so painful for all of us, but most of all for Jennifer and husband Aaron. Jen came to a healing service. She cried and cried for a long time. This too was a sign that the Lord was healing her of her grief. Jen prayed for another child and in six weeks was pregnant again! We rejoice in the Lord that another baby will be here soon!! And Jen doesn't suffer from postpartum depression any more!!!--- My husband Wayne has diabetes His kidneys began to weaken and malfunction as a result of the diabetes. I was very concerned about possible kidney failure common to diabetes. At first his Bun, Creatinine, Creatinine ratio were high. Wayne attended a healing service with Barbara O'Malley in June of 2009 --- his Creatinine and Creatinine Ratio moved into the normal range! His Bun is 2 points above normal! My husband Wayne and I both know that his healing was a miracle. I am so grateful to God and thankful to Mary Immaculate Queen for her special care and continued protection of my whole family!!! My daughter Anna and her husband Danny have expressed life altering changes since their Home Enthronement! I am so grateful to God and thankful to Mary Immaculate Queen for her special care and continued protection of my whole family!!!
Kathleen Sheehy – Chicago, IL – Plantar Fasciitis

I attended a healing service with Barbara O'Malley on November 20, 2011 for the Feast of Christ the King at the Marriott in Lisle.
I suffered from a very painful debilitating foot problem. Upon rising in the morning, I dreaded the first few steps that were excruciatingly painful. I am not medically savvy and do not know what the medical term is. I am a Mother of a big family with many children and grandchildren and I came to the service with so many concerns. When I went up to Barbara to be prayed with, I asked The Lord to please take all of my baggage. I never gave any thought to my condition. On Monday morning when I got up, I couldn't believe it, I could walk immediately without any pain and there has been no pain since that day!
-- I thank the Lord for this healing and the Blessed Lady for her intercession!

Art Ryan - Sun City, Arizona - Racked in Pain, Suicidal Thoughts
I came to a Healing Service in October of 1989. It was out of sheer desperation that I sought out help in this most unfamiliar way. I could no longer live with the intensity of pain in which I had been plunged. My whole body was wracked with pain from morning to night and vice versa. The effects of hard and fast living had taken its toll; working by day and drinking and carousing by night brought me to a state of utter despair. Working as an electrician in the Windy City with its extreme weather conditions increased my pain level. Over the long years my body had taken such abuse even the strongest prescribed medicine no longer had any effect. There was no relief anywhere. First I became despondent then I became bitter and angry and
I finally decided I would be much better off dead. I went out and bought myself a 38 caliber pistol and was determined to finally end my misery. I was going to kill myself but I also decided that I was going to take a lot of people with me. When my roommate saw the gun on the kitchen counter he pleaded with me to go to the so-called Healing Service. I can still hear him say, "Art, if you are going to kill yourself wait until Monday. Go
to the Healing Service on Sunday night and if you don't get healed go on with your plans." I walked into the Social Center and saw hundreds of people carrying candles, saying the Rosary... I just wanted to leave and I said to a friend that had come with me, "Let's get out of this joint." Suddenly I was walking with everyone else. When Barbara prayed over me I hit the floor like a ton of bricks. As I laid on the floor I started shaking and sobbing uncontrollably. After some time I managed to get back on my feet not knowing what on earth had happened to me. Barbara was speaking from the front of the assembly and she was saying, " The Lord is healing someone whose whole body is wracked with pain." I was amazed cause that was exactly how I always described myself. She repeated and then made her way through the crowd towards me. This time she didn't even touch me and I fell to the floor groaning and sobbing and crying as I had never cried in my whole life. Suddenly my arms that I could not raise higher than my ribs shot up in the air and in a loud voice I began pleading with God to forgive me of all my sins. I continued crying out loud and in between my sobbing I tried to convince myself to be quiet to no avail. My tears flowed like buckets of water. I had no perception of time but finally I looked up and saw people all around me and women with their hands extended towards me in prayer. I was so humbled as I had always considered myself superior to women. Finally, I rose to my feet and felt NO PAIN... I felt light and free. It took me time to realize all that Jesus had done for me that evening so long ago on the Gym Floor. Gradually, I knew He washed away my sins in my own tears as he freed my whole body of all the effects from all the abuses and overindulgences of all kinds.
Margaret Folan - Tourmakeady, County Mayo Ireland – Healing of Back


Praise and thanks to Jesus and Mary Immaculate Queen for the great healing-- of my back during Barbara's recent visit to Ireland in June

Since April 2010 I suffered with severe backache so much so that I was unable to drive my car and had great difficulty with doing my normal household duties. My doctor diagnosed me with a slipped disc , 2 bulging discs and osteoporis of the spine. I was only sleeping with the help of very strong medication.

My son who is also a doctor read my results and explained to me that the damage was so severe and so close to the bladder I could end up incontinent, or in a wheelchair for life.

However, on Friday evening 18th June I attended one of Barbara's healing service and she prayed with me and again on Saturday evening (in my own house) I didn't feel any improvement then. She prayed with me again on Sunday while I was lying in my back yard in excruciating pain. And I can honestly say since then the pain has gone. I am now pain free and taking no medication. I was back driving my car on the Monday and shopping on my own.

Nancy Gilbert –New Lenox, IL – Multiple Sclerosis
I was diagnosed with M.S. in 2002. For five years I experienced extreme fatigue, pain, and weakness. I would come home from work and have to go to bed immediately, so I would have enough energy to work the next day. On my days off, I didn't have enough energy to a accomplish anything. My brain was in a fog and I had difficulty finding the right words to complete my sentences.
In October 2007, I traveled with the Barbara O'Malley Healing Ministry and attended healing services in Las Vegas. I felt such a strong anointing of the Holy Spirit all weekend. When I got back home, I knew I was healed. I had so much energy!!! My pain and weakness was gone!!! I've been working, painting, raking, and babysitting my granddaughter. My husband Jim knows I was healed and the two of us are so thankful to Mary Immaculate Queen for her intercession and for the Healing Touch of Jesus Christ.

Nancy Naughton – Chicago, IL – 23yr Alcohol Addiction
My Son Michael suffered from an alcohol addition since the age of 17. He had the usual scrapes with traffic incidents, injuries, lost friendships, etc. It wasn't until he reached the age of 40 that he began to have very serious physical and emotional problems including three hospitalizations with internal bleeding. During the hospitalizations, including one in Ireland, the Doctors told us he had poor chances of recovery. He stopped drinking for brief periods, but was unable to break the hold of addition.
Mike is a very private person and would not go to Alcoholics Anonymous group meetings; therefore he became more and more isolated in his drinking and was unable to hold a job. He always denied that the drink was causing his problems. He justified many illnesses as having been caused by something else. Three years ago he had his most severe episode of internal bleeding. When we got him to the emergency department of Our Lady of the Resurrection hospital, the doctors gave a very poor prognosis. They estimated that only 5% of his liver was working and that the toxins in his blood were building up. Even his mind was affected. They did what they could and sent him to the intensive care unit, giving us very little hope. They eventually stabilized him but again told us the liver was so bad the prognosis was poor. He was a very sick man.
His aunt Florrie Murphy and you came and prayed at his bedside. I have to admit that my faith in his recovery at that point was not too strong. Now we are 3 and half years past that awful time and I am blessed to tell you that Michael's and my life has changed. He has not had a drink since that time and while he is not in perfect health, he is living a normal life and enjoying his nieces and nephews. He has a driver's license and is able to do some work.
Barbara, I know that this healing is from Christ, but it was Christ working through you... I firmly believe that your intercession after nearly 23 years of alcohol addiction is what saved my sons life. I am forever grateful that through your prayers, God saw fit to leave Mikewith us.
Patrick Murphy – Hickory Hills, IL – Gout
I was healed of excruciating, painful, untreatable, long-term gout at a Day of Prayer conducted by Barbara O'Malley. I could not eat any meat without suffering from intense throbbing pain. Barbara called out "Paddy, you are healed!" In an instant my gout was gone! I have been pain free ever since. I thank the Lord that in His kindness He came to my own home to heal me. The Lord had come before when he healed my wife, Florrie of major depression and again of a ripped rotator cuff!
Marie Cisneros - Mesa, Arizona - Malignant Bone Marrow Cancer
March 2010 Still Cancer Free! I want to praise and thank the Lord and the Virgin of Guadalupe for my long term deliverance from cancer. I was diagnosed with malignant cancer in the marrow of my bone in June of 2003. I had excruciating bone pain throughout my body. I was undergoing chemotherapy and scheduled for more treatments. I attended the Healing Service at St. Anne's on January 28, 2005. Since then I have been cancer free and have had no more treatments! Mesa, Arizona
Mary Maloney - Crestwood, Illinois - Smoking Addiction
As I rested in the Spirit during Barbara's Healing Service on February 8, 2004 I noticed that my fingers which were always cold were burning and tingling. I began praying 'Dear Lord, please let me know what this burning and tingling in my fingers means and what You expect of me.
I returned to my seat and I KNEW I WOULD NEVER SMOKE AGAIN!!! To say I was shocked is an understatement. I had smoked for 35 years and never even tried or wanted to quit. I went home that evening (still with two packs of cigarettes in my car) and have never smoked again even today in 2010!
Praise God and Mary Immaculate Queen!
Rosemary - Scottsdale, Arizona - Fibromyalgia
I have had fibromyalgia for 25 years, my pain has been so debilitating and medications didn't work for me. Through the years I have developed other physical problems, connective tissue disease, herniated disks, TMJ, carpal tunnel on both wrists, and a torn rotator cuff on my left shoulder. I attended a healing service in August 2002 with Barbara O'Malley at St. Daniel the Prophet Church in Scottsdale, Arizona. I had pain all over and great fatigue. Barbara's prayer healed me! Jesus took away all my pains while I was getting this tingling feeling in my body. This was my second healing service with Barbara and I don't expect my pains back again! Thank you so much, Jesus, I love You!
Rose Marie Keenan - Villa Park, Illinois - Complications from Surgery
When I heard there was an upcoming pilgrimage to Lourdes for the 150th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Blessed Mother to Bernadette, I couldn't even imagine being able to go. I had critical health issues. Consequently I surrendered to extensive surgery. Included in the surgery was a complete hysterectomy that went terribly awry. My whole condition deteriorated, with severe leg pain I was hardly able to walk, my bladder was dysfunctional and I had to use a catheter.
Because I had personally experienced the Healing Touch of Jesus through Barb's Ministry in dramatic ways, applying faith more than reason, I painstakingly made the arduous journey across the sea to the little village in Lourdes, France where the Virgin Mary touched earth and transformed lives.
On our last evening in Lourdes, lying on the bed, I was suddenly seized with pain. I tried to turn over and found myself half in and half off the bed. The pain radiated throughout my whole body and I COULD NOT MOVE.
My friends in the room tried desperately to help me. Finally Barb came, sprinkled Lourdes water over me and prayed and the pain eased. Because it hadn't ceased altogether Barb asked Patricia, who spoke fluent French to call an ambulance. Finally after multiple explanations the ambulance was on its way! In a flash ALL THE PAIN WAS GONE. Barb, making certain that I was okay told me to GET UP and when I did the pain was completely gone. The ambulance was cancelled. I was pain free! I arrived back home a whole new person...born again to the total amazement of everyone! Jesus and Mary Immaculate Queen - Thank you for my healing!
Margie Mack - Suburban Chicago - Severe Back Disability
I was injured very severely in 1991 and I had a lot of pain and immobility in my back. A few years later
I was almost paralyzed and required back surgery. It was horrible and frustrating, as I couldn't drive, cook,
or take care of my family at all, as I had always done. I had to quit work, and school- I was studying to
become a nurse. I learned that a woman with the gift of healing was coming to a nearby church to have a Healing Service, so I convinced my son and niece to take me there. I hadn't been able to dress up and wore gym shoes, jogging pants, and an old shirt-so I was embarrassed to have anyone really see me. Once there, Barbara began to call people to come up to acknowledge that they were being healed. I looked at my son
and said, "I have to go up", I was crying, and felt extremely hot, next thing I knew, I saw Barbara standing in front of me, her eyes were sparkling with love and compassion. She prayed with me and a woman next to
me screamed "Halleluiah" and I went floating backwards, all 300 lbs of me! When I awoke, I immediately sat straight up, then, I began to jump!! I walked without my cane, which I was unable to do for years! I thank
God that His strength, compassion and healing flows through Barbara O'Malley, and for my healing!
Art Ryan - Sun City, ArizonaCongestive Heart Failure
After surviving several heart attacks I developed congestive heart failure and was scheduled for open heart surgery. I attended a healing service with Barbara O'Malley at St. Anne's church in Gilbert, Arizona. A few days later, when I went into open heart surgery, THEY FOUND THAT I HAD A
NEW HEART! The damaged 33% of the left ventricle was restored and there was no more weakening of the ventricular wall (aneurysm). My heart was functioning normally. The doctor proclaimed it a miracle! Once again God almighty had again given me a new heart and a new life!
Neil Swanson - Oak Lawn, Illinois - Meuniere's Disease, Cancer of the Tongue
On January 28th, 2006 my wife Judy and I were having the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary Immaculate Queen enthroned in our home. The ceremony was anticipated with great excitement but the Lord had a real surprise for me! When Barbara prayed over me I experienced a profuse watering of the mouth and throat and my eyes were tearing a lot.
For years I endured a very painful inner ear infection called Meuniere's disease and a punctured ear drum. I had continuous bouts of vertigo and dizziness accompanied with nausea. When the Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor examined my ears with a microscopic type of device he discovered there was NO MORE infection or evidence of the punctured ear drum! My ear had grown back to a normal inner ear. He said to stop taking the medicine! I had been seeing a cancer specialist at Loyola and one Sunday at Barbara O'Malley's Healing Services...she called out "is there anyone with tongue or mouth cancer, Please come forward...and receive healin"
Previously the doctors saw a white formation under the tongue and were fearful that it was cancer... my appointment for the biopsy of the tongue was the following Tuesday. I went up when Barbara called out for Healing of cancer she laid hands on me while everyone prayed, all of a sudden, my mouth started watering profusely... like a cleansing... And I felt tingling and warmth throughout my whole body and immense tearing...
I felt as if the Lord had touched me through the hands of Barbara. That Tuesday I went to Loyola Medical Center for the biopsy... The specialist started to examine my tongue and then paused... He said "there is not any fungus or white there, anymore, what happened"' I explained I went to Barbara O'Malley's Healing Service... He said 'Oh my God...' Anyway, he took the biopsy and the very next morning, he called and said, "You are free of cancer of the tongue! I've heard of healers doing so but had never seen an actual case." All I could say was Thank God!!!
Karen Sulak - Lisle, Illinois - Leukemia
My brother Robert was diagnosed with Leukemia April 2008. He was in and out of the hospital for many months with all blood count levels extremely low. He also had to have blood transfusions. On Palm Sunday 2009, I went to a healing service and stood in proxy for Robert.
Two weeks later, all of Robert's blood counts were normal, remain normal and he no longer needs any treatments! I know Barbara's prayers brought healing to my brother. Thank you Mary Immaculate Queen for your intercession! Thank you Jesus for your Healing Touch!