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It is with a sense of joy that we welcome you to our new website. Our goal in renewing our website is for one purpose, to help you in your search for healing and revival. Our goal is not to sell you something but to give you someone. Jesus Christ, who is the remedy, answer, and fulfillment of all our desires and needs. As in the days of old, filled with compassion, He continues to stretch out His healing hands; to make you whole, to make you happy, and to make you His.There is no substitute for Jesus Christ. In the early days of His public ministry someone asked Him, "Master where are you staying?" He replied, "Come and see". It is our prayer that you will respond to His invitation and "come and see". Come to a healing service and discover a Savior, who is waiting for you-waiting to heal you, to bless you, to raise you up from all that defeats you.

With His eyes brimming with compassion, with His heart aflame, with His arms outstretched…He is waiting for you. Everyone is welcome. When we come together for prayer, for healing, we gather together as children of our heavenly Father, our creator, caretaker, sustainer who dreamed us into existence and loves us all with an infinite, indescribable love. When we come together in good will, there are no barriers or divisions. Through the long years in the healing ministry, I have witnessed the healing power of Jesus Christ and learned that He does not discriminate. Come with an open mind and an open heart and let us concentrate on what draws us together. "Come and see".


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